doing the 30 day monster challenge along side Inkblok  :> we decided to twist it a bit tho and do alternate color schemes too!

1st Franny! day one harpy

2nd Florence colors my peacock oc
3rd Hellspike inkblot’s oc
th Blanco perikoala’s oc :3 

Such a cute design! Thanks for thinking on me and make a Blanco version, is lovely! ;U;

Good luck with the challenge <3


omggg a whole bunch of sketch commissions i did for FA!! if you’re interested in one feel free to email me at for 10$ per bust! ੭•̀ω•́)੭̸*✩⁺˚ (please help me pay my internet bill)

You know, every time I commission an artist I feel terrible because my characters are usually too detailed. And that makes me feel embarrassed and cant help thinking that I'm bothering them.

So, sometimes I don’t ask, even if I really want to see my character in their style. Also happens with art trades, ahah orz;;